Here are a selection of visionOntv channels covering different topics, places and people.

The channels on the left are aggregated, showing new content by a range of quality producers from around the world. The channels below show a wide variety of the 1000 films already posted to visionOntv  You can embed any of these channels in your website or blog here. They will update automatically as new films come online.

We could easily create another 100 channels from the films we have available. Feel free to suggest a stream of content not already covered - write to us at info (AT) visionon (DOT) tv, and you can embed and curate your own channel. If you'll embed it, we'll create it. It's a really cool way for distribution of quality independent films to grow.


All of visionOntv's most recent broadcasts.........




What's really going on in the UK? Activism, news, local campaigns, direct action - the UK's alive with thought, resistance and alternatives. Watch these programmes and then get out there and do something!


Another World is Visible beyond the USA and UK. News and stories from across the globe.


Hear from the grassroots of the USA. Go beyond the world of CNN, Fox and the other corporate-owned media, and listen to real voices from real people.


Technology for social change, from solar power to setting up an independent TV channel. Campaign to keep the internet open.


Relax, contemplate, have a laugh. Art, comedy, films, sofas, soaps, literature.....


visionOntv has run an unprecedented solar- and wind-powered TV studio at the UK Camp for Climate Action for the last three years. Catch up on all the latest news from one of the most important global social movements.


How on earth can we stop runaway global warming? This channel looks for answers.


Resistance to the most environmentally destructive project on the planet.


People taking against corporate wrong-doing the world over.


Corporations and their national government servants are lining up to destroy the internet. Let's stop them.


The Israeli blockade and the international resistance to it.


What's happening in military conflict around the world and why.


International sports junkets continue to exploit and abuse wherever they are located, but resistance is growing.


Police spying on you? Turn the cameras on them!


Migration is not a crime. http;//


Everything artistic in the city of cool.


Is democracy dead? Was it ever alive? How can people take control of their own lives?


Some of the things you didn't know about this great city.


visionOntv's home borough is alive with political action, art, etc. Would you like your own hyper-local channel?

Mobile phone template films

Some examples of how to make a video news report in just 10 minutes.


Photo report template films

Some examples of reports made with a stills camera or no camera at all!




All things Latin American.


Some of the most courageous activists in the world.


Brighton-based Schnews has been fearlessly and hilariously reporting from the streets for last 15 years.


Phenomenal activist Phoenix gets his own channel. Do you know anyone else who should have one?


Every year alternative geeks meet at the Hacktionlab to make the world a better place.


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